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The Elusive Presence

As Christianity Today‘s editor in chief, in this column I reflected on American Christianity, but especially evangelical Christianity. I’ve been embedded in the movement for over five decades, and what I have to say about the movement is more or less what I have to say to myself:  I see in myself the same shortcomings and potential that I see in the movement at large.

The title of the column, “The Elusive Presence,” is deliberately borrowed from The Elusive Presence: The Heart of Biblical Theology by Samuel Terrien, originally published in 1978. I read the book soon after it was published, but today I don’t consciously remember much from it except the title (though I suspect it has formed me in ways I remain unaware of).

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These columns have been expanded into a book, When Did We Start Forgetting God? The Root of the Evangelical Crisis and the Hope for the Future. It will be available on April 7. 




Soulwork was an occasional column at Christianity Today online, where I tried to think about the implications of the Christian faith for our lives, our churches, and our culture. 

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2 Responses to My Columns

  1. Darrell says:

    Mr. Galli, my two cents below. Forgive me if I have misread or misunderstood your series, but I do feel some of your conclusions to be unwarranted. I do however appreciate your voice in the evangelical world.

    • markgalli says:

      Darrell, Thanks for your careful reading of my series and the push back. You make good arguments, though in the end I can’t agree. But I appreciate your careful thinking. Many blessings your writing.

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