To contact me about speaking at your event, write (spelled out): mark dot galli at gmail dot com.

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  1. Cuyler Black says:

    Mark, I’m a big fan of your writing– the books, the blog, the old editorials from CT. Always good news to see your latest missive in my inbox. You may remember me from the freelance cartoons (Inherit the Mirth) I used to do for the magazine years ago. I submitted them to you.

    These days, I have a website that functions as a collection of my cartoons, as well as being a home for my humor writing. You might like it. What I do know is that you’re excited, as I am, that baseball season is here. So here’s an example of one of the blogs. Hope you enjoy it: Thou Shalt Play Ball https://www.cuylerblack.com/blog/2019/3/29/thou-shalt-play-ball

    God’s best,

  2. Al C rawford says:

    The Men’s Bible study group I am a member of want to use your book, “Jesus Mean and Wild” for our next study. I am looking for a study guide to use, but have not been able to find one. Have you written a study guide? If so, where can I get one?

    Thank you,
    Al Crawford

  3. Rich Latta says:

    Hey Mark–Gotta add my CONGRATS! to the others. I knew you’d end up there someday. I’ve really enjoyed pretty much everything you’ve written(I say “pretty much” cause I haven’t read it all!) Thanks so much. And keep it up.
    Rich Latta

  4. robby says:

    Hi Mark –

    Congrats on the big news at CT! Looking forward to seeing CT continue to be a great place to learn and explore the big questions of life. Don’t let the haters and know-it-alls bring you down.


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